Poz Roz: Recurring character "Michelle"

I was blessed to be in 9 of 13 episodes of "Poz Roz," a hot new digital series!  Please, check me out!  Then, check out the series on YouTube.

Interactive Live Comedy Show "SuperFunny!"

Check out this great video!  For bookings, email:  gmcclain13@msn.com

Kevin Hart falls at my party!

Kevin Hart is a great sport!  LOL!!!

Kids Today!

Kids today are certainly growing up differently than we did!

Acting Demo (early 2018)

I have new videos coming!  This reel is constantly being updated.

Race Relations in America

The races are getting along much better than is reported in the media.

Airline Bag Fees are a damn rip off!

This video went viral!  I have fans now from all over the world because of this one!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, under Alycia Cooper!

Working in Corporate America

My original joke was one of the highest rated episodes on Tru TV's hit show, "Laff Tracks!"  No, I'm not the actress in the recreation video, I'm the comic on stage setting up the joke!  LOL!

Donald Trump Strikes Again!

Donald Trump has managed to make yet another enemy!

Contest Winner!

I've won tons of contests, but I stopped doing this after winning in 2014!  No more contests for me!

Satire: Barbara Streisand MashUp

This is video to show my humor and personality!  That's it and that's all!